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With variety and benefits of plants in this family lead to the name of this resort “Mimosa Resort & Spa” collecting plants in this family to be resort’s unique concept: MIMOSANESS through utilization any plants in term of eat, drink, decorate and extract the benefit of each plant for using within the resort such as “Mimosa Welcome Drink” made from ‘Mimosa Pudica (Mai-ya-rab)’ which is good for urinary system and decrease cholesterol, Amenities (Bath Gel, Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Lotion) are especially ordered being ‘Rain Tree (Jamjuree)’ scent, Cloth Hanger, Candle Holder, Furniture made from ‘Mimosa Pigra (Mai-ya-rab-yak)’, some food menus made from ‘Water Mimosa (Pak-kra-shaid)’, ‘Acacia (Cha-om)’ ‘Parkia (Sa-tor)’ and etc. We believe you will love them!